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Pedro Friedeberg - Modern Designers and Artists

We are actively buying Pedro Friedeberg furniture, paintings and sculpture, please contact us if you wish to sell your items made by the Mexican surrealist artist Pedro Friedeberg.

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Pedro Friedeberg Furniture, Paintings, Watercolors and Sculpture

Pedro Friedeberg Butterfly Chair
Pedro Friedeberg Butterfly Chair
Pedro Friedeberg Table
Pedro Friedeberg Table
Pedro Friedeberg was born in 1936 in Italy and he and his family moved to Mexico 3 years later. He studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana, where he was profoundly influenced by the teaching of Mathias Goeritz, a German-Mexican artist. The group was based on Dadaist principles in that it proposed anti-art for art's sake. Friedeberg recalls that Goeritz's manifesto stated that painting was a feeble and dying art that only served to promote the ego of the artist . Goeritz was interested in the anomity of the artist through the reduction of self-expression in order to attain a higher level of spirituality. Pedro Friedeberg's work includes both small and very large paintings, furniture and sculpture. Currently, many of Pedro Friedeberg's pieces of art are in collections of museums throughout the world.

Pedro Friedeberg Console Table
Pedro Friedeberg Console Table
Pedro Friedeberg Clock
Pedro Friedeberg Clock
Pedro Friedeberg Art
Pedro Friedeberg Panel
       Pedro Friedeberg Watercolor
      Pedro Friedeberg Watercolor
       Pedro Friedeberg Table
Pedro Friedeberg Table
       Pedro Friedeberg Chair
      Pedro Friedeberg Hand/Foot Chair

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