LaVerne-PortraitPhilip and Kelvin Laverne were artists and furniture manufacturers from 1950 until 1991. The technique used by this father and son partnership was based on centuries-old bronze casting methods. Once cast, the bronze furniture was then buried for over a month in soil mixed with chemicals.


The motifs they used were historically inspired; Chinese scenes, and Egyptian and Etruscan designs were included along with abstract designs and homages to Salvadore Dali, Picasso, Matisse and Boucher. They sold their wares under the tagline; “It’s not just functional and not just art, it is an investment”.


philip-kelvin-laverne-tables-2-fullLaverne Tables

philip-kelvin-laverne-cabinet-fullLaverne Eternal Forest Cabinet

philip-kelvin-laverne-table-fullLaverne Table